Real-Time Payments with Clojure and Apache Kafka

Real-Time Payments with Clojure and Apache Kafka

Streamlining banking technology to help smaller banks and credit unions thrive among financial giants is top of mind for Bobby Calderwood (Founder, Evident Systems), who started out in programming, transitioned to banking, and recently launched Evident Real-Time Payments©.

Payments leverages Confluent Cloud to help banks of all sizes transform to real-time banking services from traditionally batch-oriented, bankers’ hours operational mode. This is achieved through Apache Kafka® and the Kafka Streams and Kafka Connect APIs with Clojure using functional programming paradigms like transducers.

Bobby also shares about his efforts to help financial services companies build their next-generation platforms on top of streaming events, including interesting use cases, addressing hard problems that come up in payments, and identifying solutions that make event streaming technology easy to use within established banking structures.

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