Evident Real-Time©

Evident Real-Time© is a set of innovative services helping transform financial institutions into real-time. Evident Real-Time© Payments is the initial service offering that integrates banks and credit unions onto The Clearing House’s (TCH) Network, allowing them to securely and effortlessly receive or send and receive payments.

Evident Real-Time© Payments

Evident Real-Time Payments has real-time payment (RTP) services that seamlessly integrates financial institutions onto The Clearing House’s (TCH) RTP network. Its turnkey services enable banks and credit unions to securely activate receive-only or send and receive RTP services for their account holders - effortlessly.

Rapidly Onboard into RTP Network

Getting started with any new program can often be the most daunting task. With Evident Real-Time© Payments, onboarding into The Clearing House’s RTP network is streamlined through self-guided registration. All required documents needed for review and signature are located in one location. Data is also collected in a secure, consistent fashion. Once completed, banks and credit unions have a single-data repository for all content that can easily be referenced in the future or leveraged for auditing purposes.

Securely Connect Core Bank Systems

Evident Real-Time Payments automatically and securely integrates Core banking systems (i.e. Jack Henry Banking & Credit Systems, Finastra, Finxact, BBVA) into the TCH RTP network. These dynamic integrations eliminate the need for IT teams to learn the RTP protocol, identify the right connections within their Core banking systems, and secure those integration points. Evident Systems removes the integration barrier to TCH’s RTP network, achieving what could take weeks or months, in minutes.

Automatically Test and Certify

Pre-certified and approved by The Clearing House, Evident Real-Time© Payments delivers a full test infrastructure for not only testing initial setup, but ongoing integration as potential changes arise. Automated tests ensure all calls are properly configured and payments are being sent and received in real-time. Once all tests are passed, confirmation of completion is shared with TCH who then certifies the completed integration. The financial institution is then automatically alerted that their instance is fully certified and ready for activation. Evident Systems delivers a test suite purpose-built for real-time processing, eliminating the need to build out entire new test infrastructures.

Continually Monitor and Alert

Transforming a financial institution into real-time requires a new way of thinking. Historical methods for monitoring and alerting with batch operations, will not work when financial transactions move to real-time. Evident Real-Time© Payments includes a complete monitoring service that is continually tracking all transactions and alerting when abnormalities appear. Administrators can define thresholds to proactively alert when percentage of transactions fail over a certain time period or if transactions of a certain size routinely fail. Issues can be identified quickly and remediated before a large number of businesses or consumer account holders are impacted.

Let Evident Systems accelerate your financial institution’s transformation into real-time.