Evident Real-Time©

Evident Real-Time© is a set of innovative services helping transform financial institutions into real-time. Evident Real-Time© Payments is the initial service offering that integrates banks and credit unions onto The Clearing House's (TCH) Network, allowing them to securely and effortlessly receive or send and receive payments.

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Onboarding onto The Clearing House's
Real-Time Payment Network

Evident Real-Time Payments is an innovative service that enables real-time payments to be sent and received, leveraging TCH's RTP© Network through five basic steps:


Step-by-step instructions for digitally executing the RTP participant agreements.


Secure integration with Core banking systems that connects automatically.


Out-of-the-box test infrastructure, ending with submission and certification.


Simple activation button to push from test to production.


Real-time tracking and alerting on performance and transaction history.